April 25, 2009

I took the "Would You Survive Bootcamp?" quiz on the Slice.ca website and wanted to share the results...

Take this quiz and others to see "What's Your Body Type?" and "Are You Good to Your Body?" It can be motivating and inspiring! Plus, it's a new month, a new quarter, and the start of a new season...the perfect time for a NEW YOU!

April 02, 2009

Your Bulge Buster Meal Plan Success Stories

Who completed the Bulge Buster Meal Plan successfully? This is the time to brag about your results and motivate others to get on the feel good train!

  • Was it difficult to follow or did you breeze through it?
  • How did you feel in terms of energy levels?
  • Did you see your weight drop in the first week or was the second week where all the progress was made?
  • What was your total weight loss after 2 weeks?
  • Would you follow the plan again to lose weight quickly?