December 01, 2010

Eating Healthy - Starting Today!

Health and wellness should be a top priority no matter what your age. If you start the process now, it will be less of a challenge as breaking old habits becomes more difficult with age. Still, it's never too late to improve your quality and enjoyment of life! The human body responds rapidly to any change in our behavior. As a result, even a small adjustment, like choosing water over juice, very quickly pays off.

Losing weight and feeling great starts with nutrition, so if you don't know how to fuel your body effectively, get some guidance. Invest in a nutrition plan that's designed for your unique lifestyle. Research has shown that simply having a plan of action dramatically increases the probability of reaching your goal successfully. The year is almost over so what are you waiting for? It's time to take action and practice some self-care. You can do it!

Registered Dietitian, Ali Chernoff, gives some very practical tips in this Metro article.

Metro - Office eating need not be unhealthy

Here are a few highlights:
  • "The brain is fueled by carbohydrates. You have to eat carbs otherwise you can’t really function."
  • "Better carbs include brown rice, whole wheat pasta and plenty of fruits and veggies..." and bad carbs are usually found in processed foods.
  • "Healthy food can also help keep the body awake and energized so swap out refreshing water for your coffee or tea and bring a stash of fresh cut veggies to munch on at your desk. Stay away from candy bars and chips..."
  • Manage cravings " splitting your healthy meals up and eating them more often."

  • "For fruits and veggies, a single portion should be about as large as your fist. Meat servings should only be the size and thickness of your open palm."

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